Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheat sheet for Distribution Franchisee

This is a consolidation of our previous blogs, focussed more to help the current bidders for Madhya Pradesh DF bids.

Bidders Perspective
·         Input price: Bid analytics for MP Distribution Franchisee

Utility and Regulators perspective

Customer perspective

Distribution Model perspective
·         Lack of good baseline data & reporting leads to irrational Power Franchisee bidding
·         Change Management: Challenges with scaling Power DF Model
·         Performance Monitoring: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Distribution Utility

Also we have detailed local intelligence reports on customer opinion, preferences and satisfaction for distribution utilities for the 3 towns of Gwalior, Ujjain and Sagar. The results are presented using intuitive GIS maps at town level to give localization of 28+ power and service quality attributes. This will allow bidders to get increased ROI from their on-site technical due-diligence by pointing location specific key areas of concerns for power delivery services and also better estimate/validate the required capex and opex. Each site comprehensive report is priced at Rs. 25K only. A consolidated 3 towns top level comparison report is also available at the same price. (See report sample)

Post by: Rahul Bagdia @ pManifold

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