Friday, September 9, 2011

Comparative findings from Customer Satisfaction Survey of Sagar, Satna & Narsinghpur districts of MP

This is a comparative view of top level findings developed using the location specific reports of Sagar, Satna & Narsinghpur available here along with 6 other districts in Madhya Pradesh (MP).

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Power Quality & Reliability (PQ&R) and Customer Service (CS) are the 2 factors which needs immediate improvements in all the three districts.

The overall Satisfaction Score is as follows (on scale of 0-100 with 100 being all respondents 'very satisfied'):
Sagar 27.02 21.39
Satna 30.56 27.56
Narsinghpur 29.30 29.31

The primary reasons for high dissatisfaction across the 3 districts as indicated by the customers are due to following:
  • Frequent interruptions in 'Voltage Stability',
  • 'Breakdown Restoration Time' is long,
  • Recurrent 'Unplanned Outages'

In Satna district, higher percentage of customers are in favorable agreement towards 'Privatization' of Power Distribution when compared to Sagar & Narsinghpur districts

On asking if “Service levels will improve if a private company manages electricity distribution”, the responses of different districts are as follows:

  • Narsinghpur - 35% respondents agreed
  • Satna - 42% respondents agreed
  • Sagar - 28% respondents agreed

Across different categories of consumers, more than 70% respondents from Agri customers in 'Sagar' & 'Narsinghpur' district disagree that 'Privatization' will improve the service levels.

Respondents from 'Industrial' & 'Commercial' categories have shown higher level of agreement towards 'Privatization' than other categories.

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