Thursday, September 8, 2011

Key Solar Players in India in Solar Cell & Module manufacturing

The guidelines for second batch under Phase I of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) were announced recently by Ministry of New and Renewable Eneergy (MNRE) . The excerpts of the guidelines are captured in our previous blog.

To give strong impetus in promoting domestic manufacturing, the developers are expected to procure their project components from domestic manufacturers. For Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) projects using Crystalline technology, to be selected in second batch during FY 2011-12, it is mandatory for all the projects to use cells and modules manufactured in India. However, Thin film and Concentrated PV (CPV) has no such domestic limitations.

In view of the above, the list of major Indian players in Solar Cell and Module manufacturing along with Technologies are mentioned below:-

Sr. No. Company Name Solar Cells Solar Modules Crystalline Silicon Thin Film
1 Moser Baer PV Pvt. Ltd. Yes Yes Polysilicon Amorphous-Silicon
2 Titan Energy Systems Ltd. - Yes Monosilicon & Polysilicon Amorphous-Silicon & Copper Indium Gallium Selenide
3 Maharishi Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd. Yes Yes Polysilicon -
4 Tata BP Solar Yes Yes Monosilicon & Polysilicon -
5 Solar Semiconductors Yes Yes Monosilicon & Polysilicon -
6 Central Electronics Ltd. Yes Yes Monosilicon -
7 BHEL Yes Yes Monosilicon -
8 Lanco Solar Pvt. Ltd. Yes Yes Monosilicon & Polysilicon -
9 Signet Solar - Yes - Amorphous-Silicon
10 Webel Solar Yes Yes Monosilicon -
11 Indosolar Yes - Monosilicon & Polysilicon -
12 PLG Power Ltd. Yes Yes Polysilicon -

The above list may not be a complete and comprehensive list, but it gives an overall and fair representation of players involved in manufacturing of solar cells and modules.
  • What is to be seen if the domestic content constraint on Crystalline technology and its relative higher costs compared to Thin film will force new projects to go with Thin film technology
  • Also there will be competition amongst Crystalline panel manufacturing players to get share of batch-2 projects and this could drive new market dynamics
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