Monday, October 3, 2011

Key Findings from 'Consolidated Report' of Electric Utility Customer Survey in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

This is the summary of results from the top level analysis, developed using the 'Consolidated Report' of all the 9 districts in Madhya Pradesh (MP).

Across all 9 districts, expectations of customers based on certain factors like Customer Service, Power Quality & Reliability and Price are significantly leading to high Dissatisfaction among all categories of customers i.e. Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Agri. Following attributes of above factors need prior attention as suggested by customers:
  • Unplanned / Planned Outages
  • Local Electricity Infrastructure
  • Resolution Billing Complaints
  • Resolution Meter Complaints
  • Service Response Time
  • Value for money
  • Fairness of Price
Customers Agreement Levels of 'Distribution Privatization' through franchisee model in all the 9 districts

  • 83% respondents from 'Bhind' district agree with positive impact of 'Distribution Privatization' followed by 51% respondents from 'Gwalior'.
  • Only 28% respondents from 'Sagar' district agree with positive impact of 'Distribution Privatization', which is the lowest of all the districts.

Customers have high expectations from utility to improve the current system & make them fully satisfied

  • Over 55% respondents from all the 9 districts agree that lot needs to be done to improve the current utility system and make them fully satisfied with 'Bhind' district has expectation with 91% & 'Datia' district has lowest expectation with 56%.

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