Thursday, October 20, 2011

Customer segmentation and analytics of revised MP Distribution Franchisee bids

Our earlier blog Urban & Rural customer segmentation in revised Distribution Franchisee bids at MP compares the category wise distribution of number of consumers across the 3 locations of Gwalior, Sagar & Ujjain. This blog summarizes the comparison of other key parameters - Electricity Sales, Revenue Billed and Collection Efficiencies between new & old RFP regions.

Electricity Sales (in LUs)

Key observations from the above table are:
  • Electricity Sales has decreased most in Sagar (>77%), followed by Ujjain (>72%) and Gwalior (>30%).
  • Electricity Sales to 'Irrigation' customers has decreased more than 90% across all the 3 locations indicating that the majority of Agri customers falls outside city limits.
  • Across 'Industrial' customers for all 3 locations, Sagar city has highest drop in Electricity Sales which is more than 70%.

Revenue Billed (in Rs. Lacs)

Key observations from the above table are:
  • Revenue billed for electricity has decreased most in Sagar (>73%), followed by Ujjain (>66%) and Gwalior (>27%).
  • Revenue Billed for 'Irrigation' customers has decreased considerably (>95%) for all the 3 locations.
  • For Gwalior town, across different categories of customers there is less than 7% decrease in Revenue Billed for 'Commercial' customers indicating that most commercial is dominated in town area only.

Collection Efficiency

Some observations from the above table are:
  • Collection Efficiency across all the 3 locations has increased in the following order: Gwalior (7%) followed by Ujjain (6%) and Sagar (2%). However, the increase is not very significant, indicating that collection is not problem in the left out rural areas. 
  • Sagar & Gwalior city has comparatively less collection efficiency compared to their respective district level in HT segment.

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