Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Local Insights on Gwalior City's Electricity status quo - Field interview with utility ground staff

pManifold team as part of its new initiative to increase local intelligence and know-how of new proposed 9 Distribution Franchisee sites in Madhya Pradesh, is conducting a methodical stakeholder surveys with more than 1000 samples across 9 districts. The stakeholders includes end-consumers categorised into Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture; utility ground staff - lineman and substation operators; and utility senior management. More details on the methodology and parameters captured for measuring Customer Satisfaction could be looked at

Some high level capture of important observations when speaking to local utility ground staff in Gwalior city: 
  • Most frequent problem in the city is of fuse-off calls, which comprises around 70% of the problems for the local lineman.
  • On average, a lineman receives approx 30-35 complaints in a day, out of which 20-25 could be attended.
  • Use of Air Breaker (AB) switch is only on 20% of DTCs. The results are encouraging to support further augmentation of AB switches in the network.
  • Call centre facility for consumers is available for registering complaints.
More detailed observations and results are available in our new series of reports

Posted by: Kunjan Bagdia @ pManifold

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