Thursday, August 4, 2011

Local Insights on Datia City's Electricity status quo - New district for proposed DF in Madhya Pradesh

Datia is one of the 9 districts which will host Distribution Franchisee in Madhya Pradesh. It is the smallest district in Madhya Pradesh with people there have low paying capacity. Below is brief top line capture from interviews with local utility people:
  • Datia city as a whole has 1 payment collection center. With growing needs, this is in phase of augmentation to 3 more centers for ease of consumers. 
  • City has 12 subdivisions (areas outside city limits) where there are 12 payment collection centers, one for each.
  • Load shedding is approx 6 hours in city and around 8-10 hours in subdivisions.
  • 20% of the locations in the city are prone to electricity theft.
  • Average loss on twelve of 11KV feeders is 60%.
  • Local utility has initiated steps like organizing camps for awareness in consumers and as a result were able to add 250 new connections.
More details with local intelligence on all 9 MP districts is available with pManifold Distribution Franchisee practice.

Posted by: Kunjan Bagdia @ pManifold

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