Saturday, August 13, 2011

Launched: Electric Utility Madhya Pradesh - Report Series 2011

As you know we have been working since the last couple of weeks on capturing the latest insights from electricity customer across upcoming Power Distribution Franchisee areas in Madhya Pradesh, India specifically the regions of Bhind, Satna, Shajapur, Gwalior, Sagar, Dewas, Datia, Narsinghpur & Ujjain.

This 'first of its kind' report series attempts to raise the local customers voice, to enable the distribution franchisee & utility stakeholders to monitor the local situation, identify key priority actions and plan investments & road maps accordingly.

Key features of the report are:
  • Most recent, independent, “indicative, land based, face-to-face” survey providing the customer’s perspective of local electricity utility performance with satisfaction scores, opinions including Distribution privatization and customer preferences (example: preferred mode of payment, communications etc.) with detailed GIS visualization.
  • Most comprehensively parameterized, customer centric “indicator” of the effectiveness of utility performance on 28 well-chosen attributes that appropriately represent key areas like power quality, reliability, metering, billing, payments, information systems and customer services
  • Comes along with Additional independent primary and secondary research for Local Electricity Utility stakeholders specifically Distribution Franchisee bidders and licensees
Download a Snapshot Report which contains details on the Report series including survey motivation, methodology, sample results, report data, GIS visualizations and info-graphics.
OR view it below,

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