Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spanco, Nagpur Business Head shares his Franchisee experience

Mr.Rajinder Kachroo, Business Head, Spanco Nagpur, shares his experience about the operations of Distribution Franchisee model @ Nagpur, at one of the conference in Sep. 2011 in Mumbai. This discussion holds relevance even today, with Spanco completing its one year of operation @ Nagpur in this May 2012.  (See our earlier blog Review: Spanco, GTL distribution franchisees complete one year in operation)

Mr. Kachroo has experience of working on both the models - Full Privatization when he was at BSES, Delhi and now in Distribution Franchisee, Nagpur.

Key excerpts from his speech:
  • In the complete process of privatization, there is need of fair play by realistic evaluation of losses, so that phased wise investments can be planned and estimated.
  • After takeover in Nagpur, the company faced several infrastructure issues like Transformer Breakdown/Failure, Meters not working, etc. since the evaluation of assets and losses was done approximately and not accurately.
  • To ensure that Spanco gives continuous and uninterrupted power supply to its customers, they had done a customer satisfaction (CSAT) study to understand their opinions and satisfaction.
For more details, please see below video at the conference:


He concluded, that there is need of further reforms in power sector to improve the economic viability of the Distribution Franchisee model.

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  1. Very correctly spoken. If technical due diligence is done before bidding, then the DF will be ready for 54 DT and 3 Power Transformers getting burnt in the first month. No shocks!