Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Key Highlights: Chhattisgarh's RFP of District Janjgir-Champa

Chhattisgarh released a tender for appointment of Input based Distribution Franchisee for district 'Janjgir-Champa'. Below image shows the comparison between different key parameters of different RFPs. A coloring scheme is used for better visualization for favorable Distribution Franchisee parameters across each attributes.

Some key characteristics of the Champa tender are mentioned below:
  • Tenure for Input based Distribution Franchisee is 15 years.
  • Scattered Area - 4361 sq. km.
  • High Distribution losses i.e. 67.39% 
  • Annual Input energy of the order of 880MUs with Revenue Billed approx Rs. 80 cr.
  • High claimed Collection Efficiency of the order of 107.26%
  • No minimum benchmark criteria for Price Bid (This will allow bidders to be innovative in their price bid structuring)
  • Average Tariff is Rs. 2.269 per unit
  • Approx 40,186 LT poles and 4351 Distribution Transformers. (Transformer failure rate is around 15%)
Comparing to earlier Power Distribution Franchisee RFPs, Janjgir-Champa RFP seems to have better baseline information with detailed customer segmentation across different parameters like Revenue Billed, Revenue Collection, Arrears of Connected / Disconnected customers, etc.        

Last date of submission of bid is extended to 23rd May 2012. 

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Posted by: Kunjan Bagdia @ pManifold

pManifold's latest report on 'Input based Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India 2012Q1' is available. The report provides past bid analytics of operating DFs at Nagpur, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, including the most recent Madhya Pradesh's area (Gwalior, Sagar and Ujjain), includes detailed financial numbers and its sensitivity to different parameters like CAPEX, OPEX, Tariff Rate, Load Growth Rate, etc. To download Executive Summary of the report, please see here. You can write to us at kunjan.bagdia@pmanifold.com for any other information or queries. We would be glad to support you.    


  1. I understand there are 1.2 Lakh RGGVY consumers in this area,

    Who will bell the Cat !

  2. Vital information on AT&C losses are missing in RFP -like metering, billing & collection procedures followed,types of meters used/ their avg. age,typical consumption pattern of different class of consumers per KW of connected load,typical LT & Ht networks to do some load flows & estimate tech losses & probable Commercial losses,metering arrangement for bulk customers.In a big circle like Jangir-Champa 33Kv sub-transmission network & s/s to know HT line lengths/feeder & 11 kv/33kV line losses.Efforts to collect data before submitting bid by site visits are not always successful.This is the reason for Spanco not being able to know the issues before hand & estimate capex required for Nagpur & not able to pay fully for input power to MahaDISCOM.