Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nagpur IT Business Leader Survey 2011

If you are an IT business leader based in Nagpur then you should consider taking this survey.

Here is the survey link: Survey Link

Why this survey?

To present Nagpur IT industry landscape on:

    * Business Effectiveness
    * Detailed Talent Profile
    * Why Nagpur?
    * Business Challenges

Current Status

More than 23 local IT business leaders @ Nagpur have responded to our current survey which intends to captures business effectiveness, challenges at Nagpur, advantages at Nagpur, talent profiles etc. We intend to publish the industry level results of the survey by end of March 2011 which we believe would boost decision making for professional talent and businesses.

The survey results will be in the form of a report and is part of the growIT.initiative and will be published by pManifold, supported by Vidarbha Association of Software Exporters, Nagpur First and MH-31 Unlimited.

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