Thursday, August 8, 2013

IUKAN 2014: Call For Topics and Speakers

We are pleased to announce the kick off for the Annual India Utility Knowledge and Networking Conference 2014 (Proposed Dates: 12-13th February, 2014 | Venue: New Delhi). Integrating your supportive feedback and learning from last year, we plan to make this 2014 edition of IUKAN bigger and better.

We continue to focus on Power Distribution and Water Supply & Sanitation (WSS) in these 2 days conference, driving Operationalisation and reforms strengthening, bottom-up. We plan to introduce new features to increase interactions and engagement, one of them being launch of IUKAN Utility Best practices Awards.

We are happy to make the first ‘Call for Topics’ towards co-creating a strong agenda and content for this conference. Following broad thematic areas are being considered to address current challenges faced by the industry:
  • Thriving in the local Politics: Discuss challenges and best practices of engaging with Urban Local bodies, Politics, Media and Law Enforcement in the distribution area.
  • Customer Services as a Marketing Function: Discuss challenges and best practices of bringing customer centricity to processes and people of the utility and start looking upon customer services as a marketing function (channel, content, communications etc.) and not a cost-center.
  • Engaging Ground staff as Wealth Managers for driving loss reduction initiatives: Discuss challenges and best practices in managing Metering, Billing and Collection, Auditing, Vigilance and theft control to ensure commercial loss reduction.
  • Deploying Measurements, Analytics, BI and IT Systems for management and decision support: Discuss challenges and best practices of using legacy, customer, network and performance data more efficiently to improve decision making and operations.
  • Acquiring, Partnering and Managing Talent& Skills: Discuss best practices and future trends in managing employees & vendors performance for improved performance driven culture and expedited loss reduction.
  • Enhancing sustainability in Private-Participation business models: Share of real life Performance case studies of different PPP/Franchisee models, jointly by Dicoms and private Operators. Discuss how to create trust between Discom and private players to scale-up reforms.
  • What really worked in shaping major reforms with International Utilities: Discuss challenges and best practices from International utilities in developing and developed markets.
  • Faster Go-to-Market with innovations: Discuss how utility innovations could be expedited from pilot to full scale, and what supporting ecosystem (like R&D, Financing) is needed.
  • Financing Utilities and Cities: Discuss best practices through real life case studies of convergence of various utilities to build strong urban reforms for cities and their financing institutionalization.
You are invited to send in suggestions for topics that you wish to learn about and speakers from whom you would like to hear and meet at the conference. If you are an operator or solution provider in the power or water distribution space and would like to share your success story at the conference, then you can also write to us to discuss possible inclusion of it in the agenda.

You can reach us through or to discuss your ideas further.

Posted by: Isha Gupta @ pManifold

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