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Ease of doing Distribution Franchisee business - Muzaffarpur Local Intelligence

Muzaffarpur located at  26°07′N 85°24′E. The district occupies an area of 3173 km. Muzaffarpur lies between the Burhi Gandak River and Furdoo nallah. Muzaffarpur is one of the many gateways to Nepal.

Municipal Corporation
Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation
No. of Household
Male population
Female population
Total population
Slum population
77456 (2011)
  • Literacy Rate: Average literacy rate of Muzaffarpur in 2011 were 65.68. Total literate in Muzaffarpur District are 2,601,665 of which male and female were 1,539,154 and 1,062,511 respectively. 
  • Talent Profile: Muzaffarpur is the 2nd leading center of education in Bihar after Patna. It has a medical and an engineering college, and is seat of one of the oldest universities of Bihar. It has many Schools and Colleges as well. 
  • Transportation: 
    • Airways: The airport, Patahi Aerodrome, had regular flights to some cities but does not operate any commercial flights now. 
    • Railways: Muzaffarpur Railway Station is a main railway junction, with two suburban stations, Ram Dayalu Nagar and Narayanpur. 
    • Roadways: The National Highways which passes through Muzaffarpur are NH 57, NH 57A, NH 102. Local and inter-state buses start from Bairiya and Imli Chatti Bus Station. 
  • Local Transportation: City bus, taxis, auto rickshaw and cycle rickshaws are available for local transportation across the city. 
  • Utility
    • Power: Muzaffarpur has Thermal Power Generation plant of N.T.P.C which is run by the central government has the capacity of 110 Megawatts. 
    • Water: The water supply of the town is based on ground water since the water quality of the River Burhi Gandak and Furdoo Nallah are not potable. 
  • Industries: Bela Industrial Estate has many industries which is present in Muzaffarpur region. Muzaffarpur is the main Industrial hub of the Mithila region. It has many industries ranging from small to big. 
  • Local Municipal: Muzaffarpur has Municipal Corporation which is known as Nagar Nigam operates under the leadership of Mayor Varsha Singh. 
  • Residential Area: In Muzaffarpur Abdul Razzaque colony, Lakshmi Narayan Nagar, Brahmapura, Mehdi Hassan Chowk, Moti Jheel, Chaata chowk, Lenin chowk are key residential area. 
  • Cost Of Living: A house with 2/3 bedrooms can be purchased at the rate starting from INR 10 Lakhs. A house can be rented starting from INR 5000. A shop can also be rented starting from INR 5000. 
  • Entertainment: Muzaffarpur has many malls and multiplexes like Dwarika City Center, Amrapali mall, Amar cinema, Jyoti Talkies, Sanjay Talkies, Jawahar Cinemas, Krishna Talkies, etc for entertainment. 
  • Agriculture: The litchi crop, is mainly cultivated in the districts of Muzaffarpur and surrounding districts, in an area of about 25,800 hectare producing about 3 Lakh tonnes every year. 
  • Power Distribution: There are total four Division/Sub-Division across Muzaffarpur town and adjoining areas.
    • Division Muzaffarpur(Urban) 
    • Sub-Division Muzaffarpur(East) 
    • Sub-Division S.K.M.C.H 
    • Sub-Division Muzaffarpur(West)
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