Monday, May 5, 2014

JSEB Franchisee bid date extension, DF model way forward, PQ and loss reduction interconnection - Power Distribution Newsletter, May 2014

This is the newsletter for the month of May, 2014 sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Industry opportunities and updates.

We continue to bring you key developments in the Power Distribution Industry.
·    Bid submission date for JSEB floated tenders for appointment of Collection based Rural Distribution Franchisee has been again extended until 19th May, 2014. (See RFPDFA)
Key Updates from existing operators
·    SNDL's meter replacement drive is nearing completion and has resulted in reduction of distribution losses. In addition, the company has invested over Rs. 100 Cr. for augmenting the infrastructure. (Read here)
·    Recognizing operational excellence of ground staffs like engineers, lineman, substation, etc., Jaipur discoms to incorporate their views and suggestions in speeding up the consumer grievance Redressal mechanism and other services. (Read here)

Key Insights
·    To ensure success of the Franchisee model between Licensee and Franchisee, it is important to implement an effective monitoring process, especially in provisions related to regulatory monitoring, loss reduction and consumer benefits, capex investment and supply guarantees by the Licensee. (Read here)
·    Maintaining high power quality is important and is being widely discussed these days among stakeholders. A very good article emphasizes the responsibilities of each stakeholders in the network and focuses on interconnection between them. (Read here)
·    Mr. Siddharth Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Mobicule shared his views on 'Mobility solutions for Indian Utilities'. (Read here)
Join the discussions with 1200 industry peers...
·    Does Technical Loss Reduction, Power Quality and Energy Efficiency are interrelated? What is the key difference between them which differentiates each term? (Share here)
·    Does technical loss reduction and good PQ environment could be addressed through same investments in the network? Does the utility see it from both perspective while investing or only loss reduction? (Vote here)
·    What could be business case for PQ investment by Power Distribution Utilities, considering they continues to be under heavy debt? Any best practice or study already done on the topic? (Share here)

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