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JSEB Franchisee bid submission date extended, Mr. Ajoy Mehta's Vision Session at IUKAN 2014 - Power Distribution Newsletter, April 2014

This is a newsletter for the month of April, 2014 sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution industry opportunities and updates.

We continue to share Power Distribution Utility updates for broader community development. Some of them are mentioned below and hope you find it useful. 

Existing Opportunities
  • Last date of bid submission for Jharkhand State Electricity Board's (JSEB) floated tenders for appointment of Collection based Distribution Franchisee model in its 10 rural sub-division has been extended by 12th April, 2014. (Readhere
Roll Outs from Utilities 
  • In order to ensure reliable power supply and to reduce the breakdown and voltage fluctuation, Spanco Nagpur Discom Limited (SNDL) to invest Rs. 30 Cr. to augment its power network. (Read here)
  • An integrated project of Automated Demand Response (ADR) and AMI are conceptualized together by TPDDL to improve the power reliability and to manage peak power demand more optimally. (Read here
Research and Analytics
  • A Whitepaper on Franchisee operation and Open Access (OA) aiming to assess the impact of OA consumer on Franchisee operations and how it can be factored in as a reality for success of franchisee business, which holds key to Discom’s efficiency improvement efforts. (Read here)
  • Electricity theft - Is smart meter a real solution? A good paper by Senior Utility Professional describing the capabilities of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to reduce revenue loss due to non-technical loss. (Read here)
A Unique Initiative by IIT Madras, Chennai
  • IIT-M has developed a method that will let electricity boards provide a small amount of uninterrupted power to every house, which could end outages in India. Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala from IITM is shaping this vision. pManifold is proud Partner to this project, which is now getting piloted at 4 Southern states. (Read here)        
Expert Opinions
  • Mr. Ajoy Mehta, MD, MSEDCL shared his views on 'Sustainability of Indian Power Distribution Utilities and further roadmap' at recently concluded IUKAN 2014. (Read here)
  • Mr. Ralf Bauermann, Chairman, Cronos Group shared his views on 'IT Services and Capacity Building from Cronos for Utilities in India'. (Read here)
Share your views
  • Should improved 'Customer Services' be better objectivity for new Distribution Franchisees, over current 'Loss Reduction' prime focus, for better acceptance from Government? (Share here)
  • Does Copper wound DTs have better business case over Aluminium DTs, for utilities (considering life cycle costs for both)? (Share here)
  • How does Copper wound Distribution Transformers flair over Aluminium wound DTs? (Share here)
  • With rising power procurement costs to utilities, how is next 3 years future for distributed Renewable integration with Indian power distribution grid? (Share here)

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