Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nominations invited for Power Distribution Conclave for IT Decision Makers on 12 June 2013 at Mumbai

This is an announcement sent to the Power distribution franchisee group and mailing list of pManifold as a call for nominations. Reproduced for broader dissemination.

After the 'India Utility Knowledge and Networking (IUKAN)' Conference in Delhi in Feb 2013, yet again,  we are taking another step to engage the utility professionals offline with the following Business Technology Conclave in association with SAP,

Business Technology Conclave for IT Decision Makers and Thought Leaders in Power Distribution Utilities
Theme: Organised IT: Recoding for Indian Power Discoms and Franchisees
Focus: IT in Power Distribution
Venue: Hilton Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai
Date: 12 June 2013 (1 day event)
Registration: By invitation only and Free

Agenda & Speakers:
more information at www.iukan.in/btc-power-2013
  • Case Study 1: Internal Technology Adoption: Learning from R-APDRP investment and integration
  • Case Study 2: External Customer Empowerment: How good Customer Relationship Management & Meter, Billing Complaints handling practices impact loss reduction
  • Case Study 3:Distribution Franchisee: Challenges in owning Legacy Network and Data for Business Viability and Transformation
  • Case Study 4: Generation Tied Distribution: Leveraging Distribution business with optimal Power Sourcing and customer side Energy Efficiency
  • Case Study 5: SMART- -Utility: Revenue Assurance through acting upon Existing Data Smartly
  • Case Study + Live Demo 6: Active Asset Management: Start to ROI
  • Case Study + Live Demo 7: Low CAPEX Turnkey IT Solutioning and Roadmap for Distribution Franchisee + LIVE DEMO
  • Showcase 8: Metering, Theft Detection, Mobility & Customer Engagement Innovations
  • Discussion 9: Localization of Best Global Utility IT and Business Process Management Practices to Indian culture
Some of the key speakers are,
  • Rajiv Sharaf - CIO, Reliance Infra
  • Satish Kulkarni - CIO, Essel Utilities
  • Somnath Bhowmik - India Business Technology Head, TCS
The conclave is closed group, INVITATION-ONLY event and brings together key technology thought leaders, decision makers, CIOs from state utilities, private operators, and international agencies in power distribution utility sector to discuss the industry’s technological challenges and brain storm on potential solutions.

If you or your colleague is an IT / Commercial Leader involved in IT planning / operating decisions at a Public / Private DISCOM or a Franchisee and interested in attending the event, then you can receive an invite either by contacting Sandeep Waghmare at sandeep.waghmare@pManifold.com or +91 98237 58532 OR kunjan.bagdia@pManifold.com or +91 98231 33447.
We look forward to hear from you.

Together we can! (I-U-KAN)

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