Friday, January 13, 2012

Webinar: Market & Customer Intelligence on Gwalior for Distribution Franchisee Bidders

Webinar Brief Introduction

The revised MP Distribution Franchisee (DF) RFPs for Gwalior, Ujjain and Sagar has brought down on average coverage area by 100%, number of consumers and electricity sales by 60% and number of DTCs by 77%, with move from district level to city level. There is now mandated capex of Rs. 170 cr for Gwalior, Rs. 70 cr. for Ujjain and Rs. 30 cr. for Sagar and target ATC reductions to 15% in 2 years.
With 30+ companies in the race, already 3 RFP revisions with wider stakeholder engagement, and removal of stringent cash accrual qualification criterion, the bids will likely be more competitive and also volatile. It has become more important now to integrate various perspectives and data sets of information to validate assumptions and prepare informed bidding numbers.

Content Summary
The webinar cum workshop will focus on 3 important ‘perspectives’ that plays important role in overall investment analysis of DF business. pManifold ground study results with GIS visualizations from Gwalior city will be shared.
  1. RFP analysis: How have been the load growth trends across different categories of consumers?
  2. Socio Economic analysis: Which socio-economic indicators trend could give insight into future load growth of the region?
  3. Utility performance analysis: What key issues related to Power reliability, Metering/Billing/Payment, Customer services, and other service attributes faced by end-customers? Could this be a Lead indicator for required Capex and Opex in the region?
Live Discussion and Q&A
Their will be 30 mins of presentation followed by 30 mins of LIVE Discussion and Q&A. Please consider taking our online survey (if you already have NOT) and share your broad views on MP Distribution Francisee bids to better facilitate this discussion.

Speaker Profile
Rahul Bagdia is Co-founder and Director of pManifold Business Solutions. pManifold is an Information and Advisory services company and has positioned its 'Energy' services to support scale-up of the emerging Distribution Franchisee business model in India. Our services includes:

1. Research
2. Stakeholder Engagement
3. Consulting

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